A commerce graduate and financial consultant dealing in mutual funds, shares, and insurance products for over 15 years, Sangeeta Bhadgaonkar wasn’t happy with the way her professional career was shaping out. As a financial consultant, she didn’t have the job satisfaction that she was looking for.

She wanted to do something else but was not quite sure what it was. What she did know was that she did not want a 9-to-5 job with somebody bossing her around. She was keen to do work from her home itself to manage her personal and professional lives better.

Let’s get to know what happened next in her own words!

Coming across ASTA Advertisements on Social Media

I came across many advertisements for trading institutes on Facebook and other social platforms and attended the introductory seminars of several of them, including ASTA.

I attended an ASTA Eye-Opener seminar in Borivali, Mumbai in June 2019. There was something about ASTA’s introductory seminar that set it apart from others and that pulled me towards it. And so, I decided that this was something I needed to try. This was my first step to joining ASTA.

Unsure about Trading Profession

After attending the Eye Opener seminar, I straightaway enrolled in the SMM Module. I didn’t immediately enroll in the whole GEO Program, as I didn’t know whether trading was my forte, whether I would be able to do justice to this particular study or whether I could adapt to this career at this stage of my life.

I completed the SMM module and only then paid for PAPA. After attending PAPA, I was very much certain that I wanted to do the remaining GEO Program as well as the Mentorship Program. So, I joined the FOME & GUE modules and the Mentorship Program.

GEO Program: Comprehensive & Step-by-Step Course

The GEO Program Avadhut Sir has formulated is a comprehensive and well-structured program for both freshers and experienced traders.

The concept webinars conducted before the main seminars teach you the very basics — how to use the investing.com website, what are financial markets, etc.

Everything is explained so beautifully right from the beginning that by the end of the GEO Program, you really speak a trader’s language.

Discovering my Forte in Trading

When I initially joined the GEO Program, every ASTAian was doing different things. Some were trading in Nifty, others trying out commodities, currencies, stocks, options, etc.

I felt that I needed to carve my own path and find out what is good for me and suits me better. After a lot of trial-and-error and testing all of the above, I finally concluded that I am very good at momentum trades and hence, started focusing on them.

As for trading instruments, I usually trade in stocks and Futures & Options. I don’t do much of indexes and prefer the bullish market over the bearish. Today, I have reached a point in my trading journey where I know exactly what I need to do for success.

The Keys behind my Stock Trading Success

  1. Trust: First and foremost, one needs to fully trust the setup and the study they are focusing on. Even if some trades don’t go your way, it’s important to take your stop-losses merrily and not have doubts regarding the setup.
  2. Timing: The second and most important thing involves taking necessary action at the right time. This comprises prompt action regarding when to enter a trade, when to exit a trade and when to take a stop-loss.
  3. Study: Make sure to trade only in those instruments that you have studied previously. It’s important to “study before you trade and not trade without study.” This is the mantra that I religiously follow because when you trade based on other people’s opinions or setups, the trades usually don’t work.
  4. Practice and Backtesting: Every single setup I follow is something that I have backtested many times before, so I am sure that it works. The trust that I have developed in the setups is only because I have tested them so many times.

Being Part of ASTA Helping a Lot

I have been one of the monitors of the GEO Program for a long time now, and I am also a leader of an ASTA Satsang Center. These responsibilities have helped me a lot.

For instance, when I conduct the GEO Program webinars and satsangs for GEO students, I tell them something that I too need to work on. This includes being patient, maintaining trade logs, etc.

After being a monitor and helping students for 2 consecutive GEO Programs, I became more aware of many of my own shortcomings and duly rectified them. Quite simply, being active in ASTA is indirectly developing my personality and helping me significantly in my trading journey.

Education Not a Roadblock for Understanding GEO Program

The trading profession is a unique one such that it doesn’t demand any prior education like a degree. A person without any formal education can also trade successfully in the stock market after attending the GEO Program.

All the concepts in the GEO Program are taught in layman’s terms with personalized and individual attention to each and every student. Give it a try by at least enrolling for the SMM module and experiencing it.

Trading Profession Ideal for Women

The stock market has the potential to provide women with a lot of confidence by helping them achieve financial independence, contribute to their family, and/or do something for themselves. I would advise all women interested in trading to take up this profession by joining the SMM module.

I myself wanted a profession that fit within the time constraint I have. There are tons of success stories of women in ASTA, wherein even women over the age of 70 without any formal education have done fabulously well in the stock market.

Like Avadhut Sir says, the market has the potential to better you as both a trader and person if you put in the time to study it.