About Our Trainers

Sandip Jarode – Navi Mumbai

A Stock Market Trading Specialist moulded by his mentor Avadhut Sathe, ASTA Navi Mumbai Trainer Sandip Jarode has been a great helping hand to aspiring traders in understanding complex concepts with his creative analogies.

A master of chart analysis and a keen follower of Elliott Waves, Sandip has come a long way since 2016 being a trader starting from scratch under Avadhut Sathe to a passionate trainer for ASTA. He currently has a total trading experience of over 4 years and is known for his meticulous and detailed chart-reading as well as his in-depth knowledge of trading concepts.

Having been Avadhut Sir’s student for many years, Sandip has conducted ASTA seminars in the cities of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and, presently, has a total training experience of 2.5 years.

Before joining ASTA’s Mentorship Program, Sandip used to work as a Senior Executive in the Oil, Gas & Chemical Industry for almost two decades. He’s an avid reader and volleyball player, and loves meeting and interacting with new people.

Sandip is someone who’s always ready to face challenges with the purpose of propelling the mission of ASTA forward.

Mukesh Sharma – Bengaluru and Chennai

A charismatic personality and passionate teacher with a great connect with his audience, ASTA Bangalore Trainer Mukesh Sharma is a consistent performer and successful positional trader in commodities and stocks, and is known for his high grasping power and focused approach as a financial trader and a trainer.

An ardent cricket lover who loves listening to music & playing musical instruments, Mukesh previously worked in the Pharma Industry as a Senior Executive for 11 years.

Mukesh entered the world of stock market when he attended an ASTA Eye Opener Seminar in September 2016 and straightaway opted for the Mentorship Program.

With a rich trading experience of over 3 years under the guidance of our mentor Avadhut Sathe, Mukesh has evolved from a complete beginner to a highly accomplished expert at trading and training. Loved widely by his students for his compassion, he helps his students strive for bigger goals by living AFOOFA (All-For-One & One-For-All) to its fullest.

He is the flag-bearer of ASTA’s Mission at Bengaluru and quite instrumental in taking ASTA beyond the boundaries of Mumbai!

Mandar Rege – Pune

Mandar Rege is a proficient Stock Market Trader with over 12 years of trading experience, having joined Avadhut Sir’s seminars in their initial stage in 2008. With his trading journey spanning more than a decade and having been mentored by Avadhut Sathe since 2016, Mandar has transformed from a complete stock market novice to becoming a diligent trader and the lead trainer at ASTA Pune.

Mandar infuses training with sincerity, dynamism and humour, guiding learners on the path to unlocking their full potential. Having trained more than 500 students at ASTA, he is known as the trainer who injects a blend of his positive energy and rich experience in his seminars.

Mandar is an avid music lover and drummer. He also enjoys going on long-distance road trips with his friends. An engineer by profession before becoming a full-time trader, he had 21 years of work experience at Senior Management levels in the Print Industry.

He is a lively, passionate and devoted trainer committed to taking the mission of ASTA to new heights.

Rajesh Kutty – Hyderabad and Kochi

ASTA Hyderabad Trainer Rajesh Kutty is an adroit Stock Market Trader who mainly trades in Bank Nifty and is known for his skills in the study of Price Action.

Rajesh joined ASTA in 2017 to be mentored by Avadhut Sathe. His ardent willingness to develop a clear and concise understanding of concepts, and close association with Avadhut, has empowered him in becoming a skilled pro-trader and proficient trainer.

A modest, “cool” and affable individual, Rajesh is a magnetic personality with a captivating voice. These qualities, blended with his innate passion for teaching and ability to articulate any concept into simple words, have made him one of the most loved and respected trainers at ASTA.

With clarity in thought and speech, confident delivery and a witty approach to conducting seminars, Rajesh has received plaudits from seminar students in Hyderabad.

He enjoys playing football, drawing cartoons and watching stand-up comedy. He previously worked as a Senior IT Consultant in the IT industry for 7 years.

Rajesh, with his passion to contribute and ability to deliver, has brought ASTA Sanskars and philosophy to Hyderabad.

Joginder Singh

Joginder Singh – Delhi and Punjab

A highly process-oriented person at his core, Joginder Singh is a systematic trader & trainer. He leads ASTA’s Delhi NCR center with his in-depth knowledge of technical analysis combined with his wit and enthusiasm. Joginder Singh is that trainer who’ll always want to help you scale greater heights in the stock market.

An ambitious person who believes in not only dreaming big but also crafting actions to make these dreams tangible and quantifiable realities, Joginder started from square one by joining ASTA in the GEO Program followed by the Mentorship Program. He previously worked at Senior Management levels in the Automobile industry for 17 years. This corporate experience in reputed companies like Mahindra & Mahindra stands him in good stead when guiding aspiring traders to success in the stock markets.

Particularly, the analytical skills acquired during his corporate life through various professional programmes like Six Sigma, Design of Experiment, Quality Tools and many more, have helped him significantly as a financial trader and trainer.

He currently has a successful trading experience of over 2 years under the nurturing of Avadhut Sathe, trading primarily in Nifty alongside other stocks. He loves to spend his free time playing badminton and going on long drives with his friends and family.

Joginder has been instrumental in taking ASTA Mission to newer heights through his focus on Process excellence.

Atul Hingarh – Gujarat and Indore

ASTA Gujarat trainer Mr. Atul Hingarh has a great passion for learning as well as teaching.

With his focus on process, discipline and regular practice, he acquired the essential skills needed to become a pro-trader and was one of the fastest to receive the OGM Card from ASTA. His outstanding 15 years of experience in teaching the youth has helped him grow as an effective trainer for the financial markets.

An Engineer with an MBA in Finance, Atul started his career as a merchant banker. He continued his professional journey as a successful business owner in coaching young students. In 2018, his passion for financial markets brought him to ASTA where he found his mentor Avadhut Sathe who has transformed him into a meticulous stock market trader with great analytical and execution skills.

As a trader, he primarily trades in Bank Nifty and other banking stocks based on the teachings of his mentor. Being calm and composed has helped him maintain the patience and diligence required to trade in these highly liquid instruments.

Besides his love for teaching Mathematics, he enjoys reading mystery novels and watching movies.

He has aligned his compassion and contributing nature with ASTA’s mission to touch as many lives as possible.

Tarun Lohiya – Kolkata

Born and brought up in the ‘City of Joy’, ASTA Kolkata Trainer Mr. Tarun Lohiya has close ties with the cultural and intellectual capital of India.

A distinguished Chartered Accountant with 14 years of corporate experience working in an MNC, Tarun is an ASTA OGM Card Holder & former Mentorship Program participant and is especially well-known for his incredible feat of making 3 Lakhs from a Capital of ₹5000/- in just 5 months trading only in Crude mini lots in 2019!

Tarun has grown leaps and bounds both as a stock market trader and trainer under the mentoring of Master Trader Mr. Avadhut Sathe, his proper command over technical analysis, discipline and commitment to the teachings of ASTA!!

Now with a successful trading experience of more than 5 years added to his 10 years of training experience from his corporate background, Tarun is well-equipped to pass on his extensive stock market knowledge to aspiring traders.

In his free time, Tarun loves to play cricket, read books, travel and network with people.

Surjit Das – Bhubaneshwar

With 12+ years of rich trading experience under his belt and 3+ years of close association with Master Trader Avadhut Sathe, ASTA Bhubaneswar Trainer Mr. Surjit Das is well-placed to understand the psychology of budding traders and guide them towards stock market success!

A master stock market tactician, Surjit spends more than 4 hours of time daily reading & analyzing different charts and looking to develop & enhance different trading strategies.

A former Mentorship Program participant, Surjit joined ASTA in December 2017 and is particularly known for his expertise in trading in stocks & Nifty using price action.

He has previously worked in the IT industry as a Senior Consultant for more than 10 years and loves to watch movies & short videos of patriotism and comedy genres in his pastime.