GEO Program – Level 3

Futures and Options Made Easy (FOME)

Seminar Highlights

Who should attend?

  • Part-time or full-time traders of Stock Market (NSE), Commodities Market (NCDEX) or Metals Exchange (MCX)
  • Investors (stocks, gold etc.) who want to earn steady returns on their investments and also want to hedge against potential losses due to adverse market moves
  • Investors who want to take advantage of falling markets and protect their portfolio
  • Prospective traders who want to overcome the fear of failure.

This course will change your perspective on the market and bring positive change in your Trading / Investing!

Seminar Objectives

It is a two-day workshop which covers basics of Futures & Options along with basic & advanced trading strategies with practical.

  • Basics of Futures & Options
  • Basic & advanced trading strategies with practicals
  • Re-cap of TA with some finer points
  • What is Derivatives Market?
  • Why Trade in Derivatives Market? What are the advantages?
  • What are Futures?
  • More about Futures – Contract, Pros & Cons, Margins Limits etc.
  • Futures Trading Strategies – Technical base / Positions base / Options base
  • What are Options?
  • Option Types – When to choose what?
  • Options Premium – The Key Determinants
  • Options Analysis & Trading Strategies vis-a-vis market situations (sideways vs trending)
  • Decision on Buying vs. Selling an Option
  • When to choose what? (i.e. whether to trade Option or Future or Both?)
  • Hedging & Spread Strategies to maximize profit with minimal risks
  • Strategies for neutral technical views
  • Strategies for choppy / uncertain markets
  • Key technical indicators to help you filter your decisions
  • Rules of the game – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Practicals
  • Market ahead and trading picks
  • If time permits – Introduction to Elliot Wave Principle

This may sound a bit complex but mind you, it’s Not ! We will ensure that you will not have any question unanswered or any topic not-understood.

A decision-based system will be shared to make things easier!

Why choose ASTA?


quotesBy attending FOME seminar, I learnt how your stocks could help you earn money. I trade in both futures and also make options right. After attending this seminar, I came to know that I can use my existing stock as a margin so that I dont have to use any additional capital. So whatever profit I am earning for the month is nothing but the rent of my existing stocks. I earn 15k – 20k premium on every trade. My score by selling options in the month of October is 1.2 Lakhs without investing capital ! All thanks to Avadhut Sir.

– Krishnadev Tripathi

  • Avadhut is a skilled trader & a passionate trainer having more than 25 years of experience in Equity, Derivative and Commodity Markets. Know more about Avadhut >>
  • All Courses syllabus emphasizes on practicals and making you independent when it comes to buying and selling decisions
  • Dedicated Ongoing (Email & WhatsApp) support after course completion
  • Webinars before and after the seminar
  • Listen to fellow participants reviews >>
  • The success stories are increasing year on year

ASTA Support Community

Snehal Deshpande

quotesI think I have given the mentees a lot of trouble ! Unless and until I don’t go to root cause of a scenario I cannot move ahead. Avadhut Sir solved all my doubts very well. I have attended each and every webinar and all of them were excellent. A special thanks to Mr Shailesh Ji who helped solve all my queries very well. The support system of ASTA is great. Thanks to everyone !

– Snehal Deshpande

Attended the seminar? What next?
Not understanding a concept/term? Have queries?
Not sure how to proceed with the homework?
Don’t worry! We are there. ASTA has a large support community comprising of program participants/mentees to make sure you are not left behind. Our objective is everyone leverages the unlimited potential of Brain, Power of Choice & Discipline to make it BIG in the market.

We regularly arrange for group studies, conference calls, WhatsApp discussions to address the queries of our students. Furthermore, we recommend that you complete the entire GEO program to become a PRO in the market.


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