GEO Program – Level 4

Get the Ultimate Edge over others (GUE)

Seminar Highlights

  • Understanding Wave Personality and Market Psychology at key turning points and its importance in timing the markets
  • Marrying Elliott Wave Principle with Technical Indicators and identifying when to adopt and when to ignore the principle
  • Elliott Wave counts for Indian Markets will be revealed so that one could plan their investments
  • As usual, we will be discussing short and long-term investment and trading ideas

Course Pre-requisite

  • Knowledge of Technical Analysis
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the Wave Principle (study material for preparing the same will be sent to confirmed participants)

(#2 is optional, although preferred as it helps participants in grasping the subject better)

Seminar Objectives

  • Advance techniques of the art of Technical Analysis in conjunction with Elliott Wave Principle
  • Introduction: Need for additional techniques
  • Elliott Wave Principle – Basics, Rules & Guidelines with lots of Examples
  • How to determine if you are in an Impulse Wave or a Corrective Wave?
  • How to get your counts correct using Wave Principle Rules as well as Technical Indicators
  • Marrying Wave Principle with Technical Analysis / Indicators, i.e., which indicators to use and when (Highlight of the course!)
  • Introduction to some new technical indicators and their application in Wave Principle (Highlight of the course!)
  • Improving Exit Criteria for Profit Booking – Target calculation based on Wave Principle
  • Improving Exit Criteria for Risks – Improving Stop Losses using Wave Principle
  • Improve your hit ratio by focusing on High Probability Setups (Highlight of the course!)
  • Application of Elliott Principles and Rules in day-trading / position trading using intraday charts (Highlight of the course!)
  • Practicals: Using Wave Principle to sort out high probability setups and determine entry / exits with F&O strategies’ examples showing when to apply and when to ignore Elliott Wave Principle.

Why choose ASTA?


quotesThe thing I liked about the Elliott Wave seminar is that it helps us get an integration of the technical aspects of Elliott wave and also teaches us when not to apply the Elliott wave. The practical approach we do in this seminar by picking stocks and seeing how the Elliott wave works is very helpful as opposed to just getting theoretical knowledge. Avadhut Sir taught us the Elliott wave in a beautiful way. He gave us a high probability setup in which we were supposed to trade. In terms of stocks, it helps us identify in which wave the stock is currently. Whether it is in a downtrend or an uptrend, whether it is in a corrective pattern or an impulse pattern. All in all Elliott Wave gives us an edge over others as rightly the entire package is called ‘Get Edge Over Others’.

– Nikhil Hegde

  • Avadhut is a skilled trader & a passionate trainer having more than 25 years of experience in Equity, Derivative and Commodity Markets. Know more about Avadhut >>
  • All Courses syllabus emphasizes on practicals and making you independent when it comes to buying and selling decisions
  • Dedicated Ongoing (Email & WhatsApp) support after course completion
  • Webinars before and after the seminar
  • Listen to fellow participants reviews >>
  • The success stories are increasing year on year

ASTA Support Community

quotesI have been attending such courses in past, but I found the real meaning of technical analysis in Avadhut’s seminar. A very rare combination of trader & trainer I found in Avadhut. I would definitely recommend Avadhut’s seminars to anybody who wants to learn technical analysis and get aligned with stock market to become profitable.

– Purushottam Datar, Retired

Attended the seminar? What next?
Not understanding a concept/term? Have queries?
Not sure how to proceed with the homework?
Don’t worry! We are there. ASTA has a large support community comprising of program participants/mentees to make sure you are not left behind. Our objective is everyone leverages the unlimited potential of Brain, Power of Choice & Discipline to make it BIG in the market.

We regularly arrange for group studies, conference calls, WhatsApp discussions to address the queries of our students. Furthermore, we recommend that you complete the entire GEO program to become a PRO in the market.


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