GEO Program – Level 4

Get the Ultimate Edge over others (GUE)

Seminar Highlights

  • Understanding Wave Personality and Market Psychology at key turning points and its importance in timing the markets
  • Marrying Elliott Wave Principle with Technical Indicators and identifying when to adopt and when to ignore the principle
  • Elliott Wave counts for Indian Markets will be revealed so that one could plan their investments
  • As usual, we will be discussing short and long-term investment and trading ideas

Course Pre-requisite

  • Knowledge of Technical Analysis
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the Wave Principle (study material for preparing the same will be sent to confirmed participants)

Seminar Objectives

  • Advance techniques of the art of Technical Analysis in conjunction with Elliott Wave Principle
  • Introduction: Need for additional techniques
  • Elliott Wave Principle – Basics, Rules & Guidelines with lots of Examples
  • How to determine if you are in an Impulse Wave or a Corrective Wave?
  • How to get your counts correct using Wave Principle Rules as well as Technical Indicators
  • Marrying Wave Principle with Technical Analysis / Indicators, i.e., which indicators to use and when (Highlight of the course!)
  • Introduction to some new technical indicators and their application in Wave Principle (Highlight of the course!)
  • Improving Exit Criteria for Profit Booking – Target calculation based on Wave Principle
  • Improving Exit Criteria for Risks – Improving Stop Losses using Wave Principle
  • Improve your hit ratio by focusing on High Probability Setups (Highlight of the course!)
  • Application of Elliott Principles and Rules in day-trading / position trading using intraday charts (Highlight of the course!)
  • Practicals: Using Wave Principle to sort out high probability setups and determine entry / exits with F&O strategies’ examples showing when to apply and when to ignore Elliott Wave Principle.

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