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Training is my Passion, Trading is my Life! – Avadhut Sathe

An Experienced Trader:

Avadhut has been trading in the stock market since 1991 and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles in the past 25 years. He has been trading in the US market since 2001 and has experience of trading Indian Futures & Options market since 2007.

He has been managing funds for partners and high net-worth individuals primarily in the Equity, Futures & Options segment and Commodities (Gold, Crude, Silver).

A Skilled Trainer:

Avadhut started conducting seminars on stock market trading in February 2008. Since then, thousands of students have benefited from his seminars on stock market, Futures & Options market, price actions, and in advanced concepts like the Elliott Wave Principle.

Avadhut has also instituted a mentor program to equip and develop the finer skills of trading in financial markets for individual participants and to enable them to convert their past failures into success stories. The comments and feedback of participants are a testimony to Avadhut’s calibre and popularity as an effective trainer.

A Story Teller:

A rare combination of an experienced trader and a passionate trainer, Avadhut articulates complex concepts in the simplest language possible for the benefit of the participants. He has the innate capability to connect the dots and weave stories that not only are enlightening but also are interesting and entertaining for the participants.

Avadhut’s astute observations and elaboration of fundamentals appeal to both novices and experienced traders. His narration of his own experiences – the many mistakes & subsequent learnings, market ups and downs, behind the curtain stock stories and real-life analogies make the seminars insightful.

Avadhut’s personal interest and exceptional training skills ensure that each session is full of energy, sparing no moment for boredom. His seminars are full of interactive exercises, knowledge sessions, and Q&A rounds, to ensure that the participants are engaged for the entirety of the session.

A Visionary:

Avadhut has a vision to empower people to attain the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline required to utilize the innumerable opportunities in the financial markets to build wealth and contribute for the betterment of society.

A Corporate Leader:

Avadhut has an excellent academic record with a Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Post Graduate degree in Computer Science, along with a Diploma in Business finance. He spent 17 years of his illustrious career in the IT industry, fulfilling various responsibilities in the United States, Europe, APAC (Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia), and India.

He happily resigned from reputed MNC as a delivery head handling more than 300 people under him, to follow his passion.

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  • All concepts are thoroughly explained by Avadhut sir. Very good support by monitors & mentors. The best thing is pre & post sessions webinars.

    Mrudula Kulkarni Avatar
    Mrudula Kulkarni
  • Hi... This is Murugan from Bengaluru, attended today's smm seminar wonderful experience and Mukesh.. U r superb and down to earth to reach each one of the participants.

    For Avadhut Sathe Sir of ASTA: Its very Simple. MUKESH is an Asset of ASTA. Doing a great job.... Hats off to one n all of ASTA.

    For Freshers: Join ASTA : a true place to convert urself as a PRO.

    Murugan Mgn Avatar
    Murugan Mgn
  • The best part about the ASTA is the hand holding of the newbies and answering their doubts tirelessly. i always lacked the courage to trade b4 joining GEO. But now I see my studies working and gaining more confidence each day to trade. fear is out of my system now. I have already started trading small and will start increasing my trades as i gain experience. Thank you Mandar sir, Siddhesh sir, Venky sir and prasad sir as well as mentees like Jawali sir, Joshi sir and others. and last but not the least Avdhut Sathe sir, without your vision this could not have been possible.You have opened new doors of opportunity for me. And i am so fortunate to be part of First GEO programme at pune. Neither the ASTA team nor us particiapnts will ever forget that we were the pioneer in Pune.

    I look forword to long relationship with ASTA. Thank you again.

    Bhupesh Mudholkar Avatar
    Bhupesh Mudholkar
  • GEO course is a life changing knowledge given to us by you ( Mukesh), Avadhut sir and others from ASTA. I felt it's importance as this knowledge can change the life of thousands and beyond. I see clear sense of caring and concern for each and every one in the training. Myself and all others of GEO-2 Bangalore batch are fortunate enough to have you as our mentor and words are not sufficient to describe the way the technical analysis was thought in a selfless way by you. ..............

    Bagath Mad M Avatar
    Bagath Mad M
  • “As a begining trader the class filled in a lot gap's in the research that I had done about trading on my own. I am confident the knowledge learned in the class will make me a successful trader. ”

    Prashant Rane Avatar
    Prashant Rane
  • 1. All the seminars give a good knowledge about important concepts in the stock market in very simple manner.

    2. AFOOFA culture is very good and it teaches you to be compassionate. Thank You Sir and the entire team👍👍👍👍

    Sailee Sabnis Avatar
    Sailee Sabnis
  • Fundamentals based investing is passive participation. Often we hand over our savings to Mutual Funds and Asset manager who take cuts for service provided. But Technical Analysis is dynamic and participative. With correct knowledge and guidance one can make higher returns and have fun while doing so. Worth the effort to learn and work for yourself! Happy to be part of ASTA Bangalore Family Branch!!!

    Shangreila Sharma Avatar
    Shangreila Sharma
  • Excellent information got from this training session.

    Thanks to Avadhut sir and the supporting staff.

    Yashwant Sawant Avatar
    Yashwant Sawant
  • I am a Psychologist and completely fresher to the share market before joining the course.

    when I attend 1st seminar I started understanding the concepts and views about market taught by Avdhut sir and then studied the charts.

    Now after attending all the seminars, I must say my money story has been changed and I am investing my time and money in stock market with the excellent guidelines by Avdhut sir.

    I will genuinely recommend this course to others as this is really a key to become a successful and professional trader.

    Thank you Avdhut Sathe sir for your passionate teaching.

    Indrayani Khare Avatar
    Indrayani Khare
  • I am active in Stock market from last 11 years. ASTA gave me confidence to believe in Technical. It was always messy between Fundamental and Technical.

    Now ASTA gave me hope that, one day I can choose between what I am doing Now and what I wanted to do. Hope the day will come with ASTA Family.

    Best part is Bangalore trainer Mukesh Sharma 👍. What an outstanding person 👏👏👏

    Looking forward to start a new journey in Life. Long way to Go.



    Braja Biswal Avatar
    Braja Biswal
  • Very proud to be a part of Avadhut Sathe Academy, I learned more skills which are very useful in trading.

    Rajanna Raj Avatar
    Rajanna Raj
  • Thank you, Avdhut Sir, for teaching me great knowledge of Stock Market ( person like me with non-finance background ,as I am cardiologist daily dealing with heart disease patients). Really you are great teacher, great human being, great person.

    Hats off to you & entire team of ASTA for great enthusiasm, great energy, positivity, cooperative attitude, punctuality & in dept knowledge of subject.

    You not only taught us share market but you thought us how to live life.

    With you teaching

    Hope that positive thoughts (Bulls)will always win over negative thoughts and will print Green Candle every min, hour , daily , weekly , monthly and forever. With this We will make higher highs & higher lows in every phase of life and our life will remain in positive Uptrend like Nifty 50.

    Hope that we will break every hurdle (resistance/ trendline ) in life & will make it as support to make higher highs. I promise you that We will do every task in life by calculating risk reward ratio with appropriate stop loss and will do healthy retracement (Fibonacci) in every phase of life.

    Avdhut sir, with your great teaching our life as well as our treading skill will progress like dynamicity of 3rd of 3rd wave.

    Thank you very much for everything you given us in SMM, PAPA, FOME & GUE.

    Dr. Somnath Mallakmir DM(Cardiology).PhD(Cardiology).MD(Medicine).


    Somnath Mallakmir Avatar
    Somnath Mallakmir
  • Had a wonderful experience learning under the GEO program. Kudos to Mukesh Sharma. Excellent instructor

    Vivek Kodikal Avatar
    Vivek Kodikal
  • Avdhut Sir is a genius trader and an extraordinary teacher with pure heart. His positivity is exceptional and infinite energy levels are amazing! ASTA team is distinctively positive and always supportive pre and post training as well.

    Akalpita Khadilkar Avatar
    Akalpita Khadilkar
  • I attended GEO training by ASTA at Andheri (Mumbai) between Apr & June-2019. Importance of Humility, Compassion, Mind & Money management is stressed very well alongwith Technical Analysis concepts, investment & trading strategies. It is excellent with interactive Seminars, Webinars, HomeWork, Monitor's guidance & ongoing monthly/bi-monthly meetups ("Satsangs") to stay motivated, updated & "on track" for success. Atmosphere is very positive, passionate & helpful. Training is truly "More Than Money & Larger Than Life"

    Niranjan Ranade Avatar
    Niranjan Ranade
  • It was an awesome experience!! Doing this course has given me immense knowledge about Trading which a fresher like me should possess before starting actual trading. U not only taught us trading techniques but also the mind management rules. Hats Off!! To ur team members too!! Who are always ready to share and I impart knowledge. They want everyone to get success. Sir, u taught us how to differentiate between good gain and bad gain. Now it’s our time to implement the knowledge by following the process with focus and discipline. Initially, the performance may be a bit sluggish but then I am certain that it will move to impulsive. Many thanks and best wishes to you and your team Dear Sir, May you succeed in dream 🙏

    Chitra Bhatkhande Avatar
    Chitra Bhatkhande
  • It was one of the great learning session. During 4 sessions, we were given practical techniques which we can apply in real life to improve success in trading. Money management rules guide us to minimise risk. With no doubt, Avadhut sir is best trainer and ASTA does have excellent support system. Looking forward to implementing this learning now. Thank you Asta for showing the opportunity.

    Rajat Jain Avatar
    Rajat Jain
  • excellent knowledge it is university itself

    Ashish Deshpande Avatar
    Ashish Deshpande
  • Avadhut sir.... fantastic session delivered by a fabulous person. avadhut sir's greatness lies in his simplicity.. a Ravan in terms of knowledge and Dronacharyain terms of giving and sharing his knowledge. a self made man with a negative ego and infinitely positive energy. a Demosthenes in delivering his wisdom and knowledge .... felt lucky and blessed to be associated with such a person. as per ASTA is concerned..I felt it to be my Alma Mater... so much supportive and helpful..a true day care centre for all the freshers in this trading.... wish all the best Andrea skyrocketing success to all of you out there

    Koushik Khanna Avatar
    Koushik Khanna
  • Very strong support system by all mentors, & well explained nuances of technical analysis alongwith lessons of mind management.

    Happy to be here,as I am in safe hands of Avadhut sir & his team.

    Thanks a lot Mandar sir,Vyanktesh sir, & Prasad sir.

    Gajanan Kanade Avatar
    Gajanan Kanade
  • Recently participated in SMM & PPPA seminar in Pune!

    Our seminar is like going to school!! With a difference that we learn and dance with our teachers! Great thing about ASTA is the ethics & superb leadership style by teachers/ mentors ( Mandar Sir Vyankatesh Sir & Prasad Sir) .The witty one liners & life examples by mentors are worth noting.The culture is inclusive with high values implemented with simplicity. Thank you mentors!!

    Mahindra Bhange Avatar
    Mahindra Bhange
  • ...Awesome...Thanks Mandar, Prasad and Venkatesh and ASTA Team...Did SMM, PAPA,...excited for next sessions...Thanks All...

    Shrimant Dange Avatar
    Shrimant Dange
  • My sincere thanks to Avadhut Sir. Sir has made trading so simple that you follow the set up and your are bound to win and earn. Specifically the set up bb challenged, ungli, and rsi. Thank you Avadhut sir once again.

    Manishaa Desai Avatar
    Manishaa Desai
  • Well dedicated and committed team in ASTA working for a great cause.

    A very good and systematic process.

    Great Pre & post seminar follow up webinar.

    No false promises.

    Great teachers who are actively trading in the market.

    I feel that one can close your eyes and believe in ASTA.

    Worth more than the money invested.

    Highly recommended.👍👍👍

    Sachin Lohiya Avatar
    Sachin Lohiya
  • Best for beginners. All concepts get cleared. Best ambience because of a homely feeling. All because of Avdhut sir. Selfless existence of AFOOFA culture

    Varad Lele Avatar
    Varad Lele
  • Passion of making every individual to learn each and every detail about market and technical analysis.thank you ASTA and afufa culture,we rock...

    Alphanso Tutin Avatar
    Alphanso Tutin
  • An absolutely amazing two days! I am sure to complete the entire course and also to work with Asta if deemed capable in the future! Totally floored with the way the entire concept was presented and explained. Avdhut sir, you are awesome!

    Here's another term for VOW: VISION OF WEALTH! (And this wealth is not just monetary, but also mental and spiritual)

    Many thanks and god bless!

    Niranjan Ponkshe Avatar
    Niranjan Ponkshe
  • All concept of stock trading is very well explained here......

    Support system is Awesome.... the support guys like Monitor, mentee, etc.. are very helpful.. they feel enjoyed to answer every query..

    Avdhut Sir is reach experience in stick market & he enjoyed to share that all to every person who is joined ASTA..


    Kamlesh Sutar Avatar
    Kamlesh Sutar
  • A great learning experience, Thank You Avadhut Sir. Total course design is excellent with pre session webinars, Seminar at week ends and post webinars for revisions. You make learning process easier for working people like me. Thank you.

    Apurba Bose Avatar
    Apurba Bose
  • Dedicated and committed team in ASTA. Very good and systematic process. Great follow up sessions. No false promises.

    Great teachers who are actively trading in the market.

    I feel that one can close your eyes and believe in ASTA.

    Worth more than the money invested.

    Balakrishnan Vijayan Avatar
    Balakrishnan Vijayan
  • Great Experience, Many thanks to Avadhut Sir and all ASTA mantees for this wonderful journey of TA in share market. Their teaching pattern is like how the parents teach their baby to first stand then walk and then run . The entire team is so much dedicated, compassionate and patient.. loads of blessings and a big thanks 🙏 I🙏

    Kavita Golwalkar Goswami Avatar
    Kavita Golwalkar Goswami
  • Excellent Trading Academy join everyone

    Allabaksh Pinjari Avatar
    Allabaksh Pinjari
  • Great trainer, awesome support system, helping culture. There is something in the air of ASTA, everyone becomes selfless and helpful. I always say to everyone one that the fees which ASTA charges is only for venue and food, the Knowledge which sir gives is Priceless. We are indebted Avadhut sir.

    Irshad A Chaudhary Avatar
    Irshad A Chaudhary
  • Excellent training course for learning technical analysis from expert hands on trainers , highly recommended

    Ankush Shinde Avatar
    Ankush Shinde
  • One of the best trainings for stock market. Never seen such a meticulous training on stock market. Superb handholding through webinars and seminars by the ASTA team.

    Hats off to ASTA team and Sincere thanks to Avadhut Sir for giving a new meaning to life and career.

    Avinash Shinde Avatar
    Avinash Shinde
  • genuine to the core,solid support post training,passion and perseverance at epitome

    Shilpa Bendre Avatar
    Shilpa Bendre
  • it is a life changer whatever misconception you have about shares and market you will get a new insight into it my misconceptions have been really cleared and it seems trading is a technical analysis game and not a gambling

    Vivek Goyal Avatar
    Vivek Goyal
  • A marvellous mentor.......

    Nilesh N Bhingarde Avatar
    Nilesh N Bhingarde
  • परीस स्पर्श

    लहानपणी खूप वेळा ऐकली असेल गोष्ट तेव्हा वाटायचं की खरंच परीस असत का

    पण गेल्या दोन महिन्यात मला केवळ पटलंच नाही तर खात्रीने सांगू शकतो कि परीस कशाला म्हणतात, न्हवे मी अनुभवत आहे

    मी काही महान योध्याना ओळखतो ज्यानी आपल्या महान ध्येया साठी आयुष्य वाचलं केवळ आपल्या समाजबांधवांसाठी नव्हे तर आपल्या देशाच हित पाहून.

    उदा - छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज

    वीर विनायक दामोदर सावरकर

    आणि ह्या कलियुगात एक असाच ध्येयवेड्या माणसाला पाहिलं आणि अचंबित झालो त्याची सहज आपलंसं करण्याच्या वृत्तीने तर अगदी संमोहित करुन टाकलं मला

    खरंच माझे मागील जन्माचे कर्म वा माझ्या आई बाबांचे कर्म असावे जे मला असे गुरु आणि गुरु बंधू भेटल

    मी निःसंशय सांगतो इकडे प्रयत्न करूनही तुम्ही काहीच गमवू शकत नाही

    केवळ मार्केट च ज्ञान नाही तर जीवनाचं सार इधे अनुभवलं

    ASTA केवळ शब्द नाहीत तर मनापासून तळमळ आहे

    Vaibhav More Avatar
    Vaibhav More
  • I'm a Novice in Trading.

    The eye opener itself was very engaging which led me to enrol for the SMM Seminar.

    The process and system is so organised that complex topics are designed so easy to understand.

    Post the first day of SMM seminar, I decided to enroll for the GEO Series and the PAPA Seminar added a tremendous boost to my confidence.

    Will be starting to trade soon 🙂

    I would highly recommend ASTA to anyone who is interested to enter the Stock Market.

    Ashish Poojary Avatar
    Ashish Poojary
  • Papa seminar is awesome.. learnt lot of new things from this seminar....thanks sir

    Rakesh Badgujar Avatar
    Rakesh Badgujar
  • an awesome experience.. unbelievable...superb mentor.... fabulous monitors....hats off.

    Namrata Khilari-Rane Avatar
    Namrata Khilari-Rane
  • Best Academy to learn Stock market. Superbbbbly made complex stock market very easy.Loved the Gurukool learning system. Personalised attention with webinars & follow ups.

    Enhanced my learning curve drastically. Empowering people to came out of rat race & live a dream life.Really Amazing.

    By best decision in life to join this academy.

    Yogesh Patil Avatar
    Yogesh Patil
  • Awesome experience! Will always be thankful to Shri Avadhut Satheji for opening our mind & go into the market with a lot of confidence.Looking forward to your continuous blessings & support.

    Thank you Avdhutji.

    Sandeep Khanolkar Avatar
    Sandeep Khanolkar
  • Avadhut Sir is the best at what he does, not just training but nurturing the minds of his students. The energy during each and every seminar is amazing, the support system of ASTA is awesome with each member looking after the others and working towards their success. The course material is paced in such a way that it covers a lot of concepts but still gives enough time to grasp and imbibe everything. I am lucky to be a part of this journey!

    Bhanu Rishi Avatar
    Bhanu Rishi
  • Thank you so much Avadhut Sir for sharing your knowledge. It was an Amazinggg session, very very useful, We all will be amongst that 1 Lac People🙏🏻 Traders ki Fauj🤟🏻 Thank you so much to all the Mentees & Monitors for your guidance & support. Awaiting for rest all the Seminars😍 Cheers to ASTA 😇

    Vipul Modak Avatar
    Vipul Modak
  • Thank u Sir...

    Great Seminar.. And all mentees are superb..



    Nilesh K.Deorukhkar Avatar
    Nilesh K.Deorukhkar
  • Sir I really enjoyed .. honestly speaking i have done other courses of TA but u rock and enjoyed your seminar lot of new learning .. before seminar could recognise the pattens but now I can so rock solid seminar looking forward for PAPA... and It looks like I don’t mind doing mentor ship program ... cheers sir...

    Saachin Dosshi Avatar
    Saachin Dosshi
  • This three months have been important period of my life - first to unlearn what i knew about market and learning technical analysis. Now i am confident to form my own view about any script irrespective of fundamental knowledge about it. This is biggest take away and it reduced anxiety.

    Sunnil S Bhase Avatar
    Sunnil S Bhase
  • ASTA support system is one of the best. They took lot of efforts for each one of us so that we understand the concept. The courses are very well designed. At the end of the last seminar I was more confident on my entries and exit in the share market. Looking forward to be associated with ASTA and join their advanced training programme. Thanks a ton to Avadhut sir and mentors. My FB friends, if you are passionate about trading, just go for this beautiful journey of share market. I am sure you will love it by the end of the programme.

    Malaya Saurabh Avatar
    Malaya Saurabh
  • I had an amazing experience of my life.. thank you team ASTA for teaching me everything from scratch ... was truly life changing ......I can’t thank you enough

    Pravin G Thakrul Avatar
    Pravin G Thakrul
  • Avadhut sir.. Am your geo 13 batch student.. very inspirational and full of knowledge .. thanks a lot for your guidance and unconditional support..hats off to you..

    Mansi Karandikar

    Mansi Karandikar Avatar
    Mansi Karandikar
  • I ventured into this unexplored field of trading by facebook. Right from the eye opener to GEO series the training imparted is par excellence. Simple language, introduction to great techniques, preliminary training through webinars make a PRO trader out of you. I don't think any other course would offer such exhaustive knowledge. THANK YOU ASTA. THANK YOU AVDHOOT SIR.

    Sanjeev Krishnarao Tonapi Avatar
    Sanjeev Krishnarao Tonapi
  • Excellent and useful training for those who want to take trading seriously. Good team to support you to understand concepts.

    Avadhoot Sansare Avatar
    Avadhoot Sansare
  • The best trainer in stock market

    Prasad Prakash Wagh Avatar
    Prasad Prakash Wagh
  • Good experience with asta family........thank you to avadhut sir for financial freedom.....

    Mahesh Kolekar Avatar
    Mahesh Kolekar
  • Being a trader and an investor since 2007, I had no clue what I was doing with my hard earned money. I had

    learnt some fundamental analysis which did not worked during the 2008 fall even in the best of the fundamentally

    strong companies. I tried candlestick charts and patterns but could not get my hands on them as sometimes they

    worked and sometimes they fail. I had lost almost an arm and a leg before joining the GEO course. After doing

    the GEO course, now I am able to make decent profitable trades. I am able to understand where the market is

    going. I am able to cut down my losses to minimum. I am much learned and a disciplined trader now. Sir makes us

    focus on the process a lot. The best academy to learn trading. Thanks Avadhut Sir for making trading so

    easy !!

    Deven Kambli Avatar
    Deven Kambli
  • A to Z knowledge of share trading.

    Anyone can make money with the guidence of sir. Energetic personality with huge knowledge of subject. Highly recommended Everyone to join the program

    Nidhi Lele Avatar
    Nidhi Lele
  • Excellent mentor.

    With webinars before seminar well prepared

    Post seminar also well revised.

    Nobody can give so much.

    Freshers can redo whole geo series.

    Also think of booster preferably mentorship.

    Subhashini Gopalkrishnan Avatar
    Subhashini Gopalkrishnan
  • At ASTA U learn sanskars for life.

    Highly Recommended for everyone.

    it's not trading it's a journey & we all must be a part of it😀

    Abhinav Verma Avatar
    Abhinav Verma
  • In my struggle of making good money to live a better life and understanding the so called volatile share market; ASTA has contributed in a big way in my life.

    If followed the simple to understand rules, how one can earn good money in share market has become a truth for me after attending the SMM (Basic) seminar.

    The value of 'Being in Present, Being Compassionate towards others and Patience' were not new to me. But how to practice these values and how these values can help us earn big money and make our life livable was a life transforming experience to me.

    To share the practicability of ASTA's teachings; I witnessed, how an old lady (age 60+); where we can assume her limitations of understanding new concepts and use of technology on her behalf, has not stopped her from earning three times the money in merely a month. This live testimony has made my belief stonger on Sir's (ASTA's) teachings and his experience of 25 years in the industry.

    May it be the theory, practical sessions, easy to understand notes or the care taken by the mentors, "Precise Care" is what ASTA is. These guys are selfless ... A never before experience in commercial domain !

    I am now assured of a better life for me and my family, provided my dedication is on track. Fingers are crossed.

    Thanks Avadhut Sir !!!

    Lots of love and good wishes to you !

    Ketan Bhosale Avatar
    Ketan Bhosale
  • Absolutely/Highly Recommended with 5 ***** Stars!

    Amit Trangri Avatar
    Amit Trangri
  • Millions of thanks to Avadhut sir for such a motivational, very informative, very energetic with very positive influencing session. A lots of learnings & take a always to me. I know, it's beginning of a long journey. But now I am sure, I ll be successful under the shadow of your very effective guidance.

    Once again, thank you very much.

    Mahesh Nalawade Avatar
    Mahesh Nalawade
  • You will be exposed to the new world of trading!!!

    Go for it.....

    Praveen Javali Avatar
    Praveen Javali
  • Very systemic training approach and well coordinated team. Passionate training professionals.

    Lalit Patil Avatar
    Lalit Patil
  • Avadhut Sathe Training Academy is a must for traders who are illiterate in Technical Analysis.

    Santosh Deshpande Avatar
    Santosh Deshpande
  • We recently did the SMM in Mumbai and loved the energy, positivity and the contents of the seminar. Best part of ASTA is not only the leader Avdhut Sir is exceptional, the team I.e. Mentees take a lot of efforts in understanding and resolving your queries on priority.

    Thank you so much Avdhut Sir and our mentees Rajesh Kutty Sir / Pradeep Kale Sir for sharing the wisdom and your best support.

    Avinash Havele Avatar
    Avinash Havele
  • Amazing experience with the Asta team.excellent platform to learn in depth about the market in a simple way.. Thanks to Avdhut sir for providing this platform & making it simple for people who are totally fresher & new to this market world.

    Thank you

    Meena Ashish Dube Avatar
    Meena Ashish Dube
  • His way of conducting seminar no repeating but teaching through live examples

    Dattatray Phadke Avatar
    Dattatray Phadke
  • Had amazing experience with ASTA and learned a lot in trading world.

    Thanks to Audhut Sir creating a wonderful platform and sharing his experience and knowledge.

    Umesh Sawant Avatar
    Umesh Sawant
  • Excellent platform to gain very good, precise knowledge to excel in the field of Trading in share& commodities markets

    Gopalkrishnan Narayanan Avatar
    Gopalkrishnan Narayanan

    Chandramani Jagtap Avatar
    Chandramani Jagtap
  • Avadhut sir and all the mentors make the understanding the concepts so simple. At times one might feel like it's not my cup of tea. But the assurance and hand holding that one receives that . . .yes you can do it help one to get over all the hurdles.

    Rest it is own study and the time one spends with the charts.

    Shubhankar Dhar Avatar
    Shubhankar Dhar
  • Amazing experience with all of participants in Asta family.

    Neelam Rajmane Avatar
    Neelam Rajmane
  • all basic aspects are taken care very well.even a fresher feel empowered after the training

    Sanjeev Agarwal Avatar
    Sanjeev Agarwal
  • osam teaching skill this is the best platform for fresh trader

    Shreekant Gawade Avatar
    Shreekant Gawade
  • Great training skills and support from Avadhut Sir and team. Highly recommended!!!

    Mayur Pawar Avatar
    Mayur Pawar
  • ASTA is not only an Academy where you learn but it is more than a family where everybody is egar to help each other to reach to their goal.

    Avadhut sirs knowledge and teaching simplicity is impeccable. I'm really blessed to be part of such great and caring family. I wish all the success to ASTA and I will continue my great journey with ASTA with Discipline....

    Shrikant Nanavare Avatar
    Shrikant Nanavare
  • Amazing experience. educational life again start after long period. Specially Thnx Avdhut sir gadi la rulla var aananya baddal. navyane aayushyala survat zhali. aayushyala Navin kalatani milali .tya baddal dhanyavad full supporting entire Asta family.

    Sarika Rajmane Avatar
    Sarika Rajmane
  • Attended the 13-14 Oct SMM program. This is the first time in my life I did a training whose value has no expiry date and the knowledge will continue to help me till the last day. The support system of ASTA is par excellence and the syllabus/program is made in such a way that even a fresher who has no market knowledge starts talking the language of a trader in a week's time.The teaching style of Avadhut sir is simple and effective; and his passion for imparting the knowledge is beyond par. Strongly recommended!!!

    Saumitra Mohan Joshi Avatar
    Saumitra Mohan Joshi
  • Thanks a lot Avdhut Sir...for a new perspective and a new vision...?Exemplary teaching skills!!What a selfless person!! There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life meaningful for others!!! thanks for everything!!�

    Thanks a lot ASTA team!! ....Prasad Pujari

    Prasad Pujari Avatar
    Prasad Pujari
  • I am blessed that I got an opportunity to attend this seminar. Thank you sir and team

    Poonam Nare Avatar
    Poonam Nare
  • Thanks Sir for parting with your intricate knowledge of the market and enlightening us on the opportunities each one of us have provided we stay focused and follow the guidelines taught.

    Jaikumar Menon Avatar
    Jaikumar Menon
  • One of the best Share market training academy in india

    Balkrishna Shetty Avatar
    Balkrishna Shetty
  • Nice learning of skillsets

    Parag Nerurkar Avatar
    Parag Nerurkar
  • I attended the first seminar today and it was like an eye opener.he is a brilliant tutor and his training is seen in his eyes with so much of passion.

    Shah Sachin Avatar
    Shah Sachin
  • Well...I would not say it's easy to make money in the share markets even if you had some knowledge of technical analysis, BUT doing the GEO program with this academy has created a conviction that it's not difficult as well.

    After doing the GEO program, it felt like earlier I was trying to decipher the charts with both my eyes closed. Now it's a different story all together.

    Charts along with indicators tells a lot of things and this academy empowers you to listen to exactly what it's saying. Though every thing needs some practice.

    The teachings(both technical and values) will make you successful and humble at the same time.

    Bhabani Nayak Avatar
    Bhabani Nayak
  • Awesome and jabardast Avadhut sir lectures.lot of thinking level change due to sir.

    Vivek Surve Avatar
    Vivek Surve
  • Good you should attend it.

    Praveen Gote Avatar
    Praveen Gote
  • If you dont know Words like Trading, Stock Market, NSE and BSE, and your willing to learn or have an overt interest towards stock market. This is the right place for you all. Right from Baby Steps to Decision making they will hold your hand all the way.

    Their specialties are THE SUPPORT SYSTEM, THE SUPPORT SYSTEM and THE SUPPORT SYSTEM. Just blindly go in, if you have any doubts you can inbox me. All the best👍

    Mandar Sanchita Satish Chalke Avatar
    Mandar Sanchita Satish Chalke
  • Practical Knowledge in the purest form . I have not seen any trainer like Avadhut Sathe , imparts so much wisdom in budding as well as experience traders. Learnt a lot from basic candlesticks to indicators and advance concepts like Elliot and altogether the combination and application of the same .

    Akash Anande Avatar
    Akash Anande
  • thanks avdhut sir and asta team for starting my new carrier.

    Vishal Patil Avatar
    Vishal Patil
  • This is the ultimate destination for learning Technical analysis. The strong support system, awesome culture makes ASTA totally different from the crowd. I am extremely grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to learn from Asta. Avdhut sir is the best trainer, mentor, guru and the best person. Thank you sir for this wonderful journey.

    Sonali Bakare Avatar
    Sonali Bakare
  • great tuning point for financial freedom astha program

    Sunil Gothankar Avatar
    Sunil Gothankar
  • very nice feeling to become a member of ASTA ...

    Nitin Laxman Pawar Avatar
    Nitin Laxman Pawar
  • I would like to recommend the Eye Opener Seminar for people who are not aware about the various opportunities available in Stock Market Trading.....and will help them to focus on their Motive in life...

    Pratibha Chinchankar Avatar
    Pratibha Chinchankar
  • Absolutely fantastic experience...

    I was looking for someone like Avadhut Sir for ages so desperately and I am so lucky to find him... If you want to make successful career in financial market Avadhut sir is the answer...

    Abhijit Yadav Avatar
    Abhijit Yadav
  • Dear all

    It's been an amazing experience throughout this GEO program!

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn and shown us our potential.

    I am sure everyone will do great after this journey of learning .

    now i am very sure that if we follow the Discipline and Process with Focus and Belief all dreams will come true very soon.

    Thank very much Avdhooth sir and whole team.

    Wishing you all the very best in life!

    thanks once again 😊

    Ashish Dumbre Avatar
    Ashish Dumbre
  • Can’t be described in words. One has to join this great academy get most enthralling experience by him/ her self. 👍🏽

    Ramesh Kachru Avatar
    Ramesh Kachru
  • Avdhut Sir,

    First of all heartfelt thanks for showing the world of stock markets and the abundant opportunities it is providing to Retail investors. It was a great learning experience and you have really changed my perspective of looking at markets. Thanks to you for all what you have taught in the GEO program. The intial anxiety, inquisitiveness made me take trades in haste and suffered losses.But mistakes make you wiser. So read the books again n again, analysed and studied charts. It paid rich dividends. A disciplined approach has helped me to take trades and be profitable.As you have reiterated many times, markets will give you opportunities in abundance, so will stick to the planned and disciplined approach and keep patience. Last but not the least, thanks to the Monitors and Mentees who provided the extra support in instilling confidence.

    Vaibhav Palnitkar Avatar
    Vaibhav Palnitkar