Being an owner of a Mumbai-based pharmacy can be a tough job. With the continuous flow of customers from morning till night, it can become very difficult to take out time for friends and family.

This is where my story begins! From continuously attending to customers on my pharmacy counter throughout the day to delegating my work to become a part-time stock market trader earning 5-10% monthly ROI, I have come a long way. Here is my stock market journey:

Joining ASTA GEO Program

Having known Avadhut Sir on a personal level since 2008 and being aware of his stock market credentials, it was a no-brainer for me to join ASTA once I developed an interest in trading.

I joined the GEO program in 2015 which was then on a much smaller scale with around 15-20 participants. Avadhut Sir, being the passionate and charismatic trader and trainer he is, made it very simple for me and other participants to understand the nitty-gritty of stock market trading.

His support system even then was superb, to say the least. Speaking of a particular program highlight, the Elliott Waves setups that I learned in the GEO Program have held me in good stead throughout my trading journey.

Mentorship Program & Mind Management

Having experienced the GEO Program in its full splendour, it was an easy decision for me to opt for the Mentorship Program. Over the years, many aspiring traders have asked me the difference between the GEO Program & Mentorship. The Mentorship Program is different from the GEO Program because it is designed to build a trader’s psychology. Significant amount of work is done on mind management to instil in you the ideal trader’s psychology.

Also, mentorship is not just about trading, it changes your entire perspective towards life. It helps you become calm and attain control over your anger, and culminates in a number of positive life changes including a significant development in your personal life.

My Trading Journey

Coming to my journey as a trader, lots of people ask me whether I trade both F&O markets or if I focus on a particular instrument such as Bank Nifty or Crude. To answer them, I only trade in Futures using a setup-based trading methodology. Rather than focusing on any particular instrument, I trade using one setup on multiple instruments, whether it be stocks, commodities or currencies.

The key reason that I am an ASTA Success Story today is that during my early days as a trader, I was consistent in my studies & implementation and believed in ASTA’s system. Despite small setbacks, I continued using the system and gave it time to work, while working on my own trading skills side-by-side.

Importance of Patience in Trading

Patience, an underrated skill, has helped me a lot during my trading journey. Being a positional trader, it takes time for me to find an ideal trade and once that trade comes, I hold it for a minimum of 7-10 days, sometimes even close to a month. For those unaware, you only get 1-2 positional trades every month if you wait for the ideal setups to materialise in the charts. This can be frustrating at times, but I manage to control myself with the help of the mind management techniques learnt in the Mentorship Program.

Earning 5-10% ROI every Month

Being a disciplined and process-oriented trader, I spend 5-6 hours a day, checking charts of multiple instruments and for the proper planning of trades, if I find the setup. This has helped me earn 5-10% ROI every month, which is huge if you have a decent enough amount of trading capital.

Working on Myself

There are times when my discipline is lost and I indulge in impulsive trading, which results in substantial losses that could have been avoidable. I am working on my mind management to curb these impulsive incidents.

Advice for Aspiring Traders

As Avadhut Sir says, you only need to have patience, focus and discipline to succeed in the stock markets. Follow the process, take trades according to your own study and avoid getting influenced by others’ opinions.

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