Market is an Opportunity Generating Machine (OGM)

“You can’t BUY it, but you can ACHIEVE it!”

For success, one needs to grab an opportunity. If one fails in succeeding, then look for the next opportunity and if it goes by, keep looking for the next one. The key here is perseverance – success is where preparation and opportunities meet. In many professional careers like sports, acting and even in business ventures, if one misses first few opportunities, it’s tough to rise and excel.

However, financial markets is one such place where there is no end to opportunities, rather it is an ocean of opportunities.

Even if you miss the first few, markets will never show its back to you. Rather the market keeps generating opportunities day after day. No matter what the direction of the market is, one can profit from either direction – up or down, it is YOU who has to spot the right one and grab it. Hence we call Financial Markets as OGM i.e. Opportunities Generating Machine!


“Stock Market is an Opportunities Generating Machine (OGM)”
– Avadhut Sathe

What is an ASTA OGM CARD?

An ASTA OGM Card is a similar concept like an ATM card. However the major difference is that, in an ATM machine, when you swipe your card, you can’t get more than what you have in your account. However, an ASTA OGM card holder can swipe it in the market (execution of trades) and get as much as he/she can.

Five Virtues

An ASTA OGM Card is issued to a person who has fully mastered not only the Analytical and Execution Skills but also the Mind Management part of it.

The Five Qualities that the person should possess as an achiever of this very special card are –

1. Knowledge : about the financial markets that includes Technical Analysis, Derivatives Strategies, Elliott Wave Principles and so on

2. Skill : Analytical skill required to identify the opportunity and Execution Skill to make the most out of it

3. Discipline : to follow a Specific Plan with Focus

4. Belief : in the knowledge, skill, plan and self

5. Patience : like a sniper or a crocodile to wait patiently for the right opportunity which can be multi-bagger