From being an engineer with 28 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry to becoming an expert full-time stock market trader with more than a crore of profit, ASTA has transformed my life in a big way! Let’s get to know my stock market journey in a comprehensive manner.

Joining ASTA:

Having been trading & investing in the stock market since 2007 without any significant positive results, I jumped at the opportunity to join ASTA in 2014 when Avadhut Sir informed me of his stock market classes.

During that time, ASTA didn’t have any structured programs like the present-day GEO and Mentorship programs. Avadhut Sir used to teach the SMM, PAPA, FOME, and GUE modules as separate seminars.

Attending the Seminars of the 4 Modules:

I completed the four modules in 2014, and they laid my foundation of technical analysis and equipped me with all the necessary skills and setups required to trade or invest in the stock market. Below are some key points I learned from the different modules:

  • The concepts taught in the SMM and PAPA modules helped me refine my price action skills.
  • The FOME module provided a concise idea about the various Futures & Options strategies that can be employed to minimize risk and maximize rewards.
  • The GUE module familiarized me with the psychology behind all the market moves and gave me an edge concerning the current market situation.

Being the first student to enroll in the ASTA Mentorship Program:

Having completed all four modules and being impressed with the effectiveness of the strategies taught, enrolling in the Mentorship Program was an easy decision when Avadhut Sir first mentioned plans of starting it in 2015.

I was very eager to join the Mentorship Program and had the honour of becoming the first student to enroll in it.

The difference between the 4 Modules and the Mentorship Program:

Below are the differences I noticed between the Mentorship Program and the four modules which are now part of the current-day GEO Program:

  • The Mentorship Program is a 1-year intensive program that builds on the concepts taught in the GEO program by teaching various advanced technical analysis concepts & advanced trading setups.
  • Avadhut Sir conducts various live trading sessions during the Mentorship Program wherein he provides a lot of input and tips that help improve practical trading skills.
  • Moreover, the Mentorship Program also focuses on developing the right kind of mindset and the character essential for becoming a successful trader.
  • Apart from the teachings in Mentorship, you also receive hand-holding from Avadhut Sir and the ASTA monitors, who are senior mentees and hugely successful traders themselves.

Becoming an Expert Bank Nifty Options Seller:

During the GEO and Mentorship Programs, Avadhut Sir always advocated for students to either focus on limited instruments or limited setups so as to master them.

He recommended that instead of being a jack of all trades, one should aim to be a master of one. I followed this principle religiously and became an options seller, primarily trading in Bank Nifty.

I did this, keeping in mind the enormous liquidity and opportunity in Bank Nifty options every day. As a result, 99% of my trades over the past two years have been in Bank Nifty options, and I am reaping the rewards of this single-minded focus.


Achieving the Rs.1 Crore Profit Milestone:

My stock market journey in pursuit of the Rs. 1 crore profit milestone started 3 years ago, and it wasn’t the smoothest.

  • When I started 3 years ago, I began as a full-time trader with a capital of around 30 lakhs. I had just left my very lucrative job, and like most people, initially, there was a little bit of a shock since I had left a source of regular income. I was dependent on my trading income to support my family and to try and build wealth at the same time.
  • The first six months were a little on and off; I was gaining as well as giving back to the market. In the last two years, I managed to earn consistently, despite a few setbacks in 2020, where I lost a good amount of money.
  • I had many different phases in my stock market journey. For instance, I came extremely close to the Rs.1 crore profit milestone in March 2020; I was almost Rs.85 lakhs in profit, and then I faced a huge setback in the market fall triggered by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Then, in December 2020, we had an offsite with Avadhut Sir for all ASTA leaders, and we brainstormed on why we were not able to achieve that milestone. I gained a lot of insight from that offsite and implemented it in January 2021 and finally reached the milestone!

My Focus on a Single Instrument for Stock Market Success:

The teachings and guidance provided at ASTA are the same for all ASTAians. The difference between those who succeed and those who struggle in the stock market is a lack of focus and discipline.

The key behind my success so far is my laser-sharp focus on a single instrument (Bank Nifty options selling) and trying to gain command over it. There are various perks of doing this:

  • I can devote a lot of time doing an in-depth analysis of the banking sector and its related news.
  • Trading on a single instrument for the last couple of years has helped me develop an intuition regarding how Bank Nifty behaves in different market conditions.
  • I can study the futures’ and options’ data in detail.

5-10% ROI per Month is a Realistic Expectation one can have from Trading:
Based on my own extensive stock market experience, I would say that:

  • 5% per month on your capital is a reasonable expectation you should set.
  • There are months where one can earn much more, maybe even 25-30%, but these returns are rare and shouldn’t be a benchmark.
  • I believe 5-10% returns should be smooth sailing for ASTAians, especially considering the high effectiveness of the various setups (Options Selling setup, YNJ setup, etc.) taught at ASTA.
  • I would advise beginners to aim for 5% ROI a month, avoid overstretching themselves and focus on gradually developing their skills and discipline.

The GEO Program Fees are mere peanuts when compared to the Time, Energy, and Effort the ASTA Team Invests:

The amount of time, energy, and effort ASTA trainers, monitors, and other team members invest towards educating, guiding, and supporting each student is quite simply much higher than the fees one pays for the GEO Program.

ASTA is the Right Place for Aspiring Traders:

From personal experience, I would say that ASTA is undoubtedly the No. 1 stock market training institute in India, if not the world.

I strongly believe there is no better institute than ASTA for aspiring traders looking to enroll for training in the stock/financial markets.

The kind of extensive efforts Avadhut Sir and the ASTA trainers and monitors take to start teaching right from scratch — from basic things like the meanings of NSE & BSE to the highly advanced Elliott Waves principles — is truly remarkable.

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