GEO Program – Level 2

Pay Attention to Price Action (PAPA)

Seminar Highlights

Who Should Attend ?

Investors: To time your exits when big boys (FIIs and
institutions) exit the stock.
Traders: To time both your intraday and positional trades.

In PAPA you learn

  • Quick recap of TA and concepts learnt in SMM seminar
  • How to combine candlestick patterns with other indicators and systems to spot key reversals
  • How to use candlestick patterns to derive major support and resistances
  • How to distinguish between various engulfing patterns to IGNORE a buy/sell signal. For e.g. every bullish engulfing pattern or a
    hammer might not be a good buy signal
  • How and when to use specific patterns like morning star, dojis,harami etc
  • How to combine certain patterns (e.g. hammers) with other indicators like EMAs and Bollinger Bands to improve your success
  • New candlestick patterns and types which you can to your repertoire
  • ((How) to use) candlestick patterns for effective money management to minimise losses
  • Market View : Markets going forward! Now that we are at major juncture in Nifty/Sensex, How should an investor / trader approach the market!?


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