Working as an SBO Head at Leading Pharma company, Mr. Harsharaj Mahajan received a recommendation from his friend regarding attending an ASTA Eye-Opener Seminar by Master Trader Avadhut Sathe. He decided to give it a try, but little did he know that this decision was going to be life-changing. Let’s get to know his real-life story!

Attending Eye Opener and Enrolling for SMM Module

One of the biggest turning points in my life was attending the ASTA Eye-Opener Seminar by Avadhut Sir. It made me realize the vast potential of the stock market and I immediately decided to enroll in the SMM module. My friend further boosted my confidence regarding joining ASTA by telling me to go ahead with my decision and that it was absolutely worth spending money on the GEO Program.

After the completion of the SMM module, I came to the conclusion that the trading profession is one where one can continue working on their own terms for their entire life. This led me to happily resign from my relatively lucrative job within 1 year and become a full-time trader in the stock market.

Step-by-Step Approach towards Stock Market Learning

The GEO Program educates you via a step-by-step learning process, right from the very basics of the stock market to advanced technical analysis concepts, that can be implemented by traders and investors alike.

Along with the technical analysis concepts, it also involves highly effective risk management, money management, and mind management techniques that play a crucial role in the stock market.

Moreover, the GEO Program acquaints you with the importance of having a highly focused approach towards specific instruments & setups for achieving success.

The 3-Step Process that is Creating Independent Professional Traders

The GEO Program is a 3-month long program that consists of a highly structured process, ensuring that all participants are able to understand every concept and all their doubts and queries be resolved on a timely basis.

  1. Concept Webinars: The GEO Program kickstarts with concept webinars that educate participants on all the basic foundational knowledge that will help them understand the concepts to be taught in the upcoming main sessions much easier. Concept webinars help ensure that when the main sessions take place, all the fundamentals are completely clear.
  2. Main Session: The main sessions consist of teaching all the concepts of the respective module along with how to practically implement those concepts in the stock market.
  3. Revision Webinars: These webinars involve revising all the concepts that were taught in the main sessions in addition to resolving doubts and queries on a group as well as individual basis.

This aforementioned 3-step process is accomplished by a combination of ASTA trainers, co-trainers, and monitors who work tirelessly to ensure that every student has complete clarity regarding the concepts taught in the GEO Program.

Additionally, learning continues via the sessions conducted by ASTA Satsang Centres (ASC). These sessions can be attended for free by participating participants who have completed entire GEO Program.

Taking into account all these monumental efforts taken by the ASTA team during and after the GEO Program, the fees charged by ASTA is quite simply nothing.

Mentorship Program: Getting into that 5% Bracket of Successful Traders

Everyone in the stock market wants to be in that 5% bracket of traders that consistently earn profits. The Mentorship Program is a comprehensive 1-year grooming program that puts a lot of work into elevating every individual participant to reach that 5% elusive bracket.

The year-long personal touch and guidance from Avadhut Sir, the extensive support provided by the team of senior mentees and the highly advanced concepts of technical analysis work wonders in transforming your skillset, character, and mindset towards stock market trading and life in general.

Being a Successful Intraday Trader Consistently

Most people view intraday trading as a highly volatile and unpredictable form of trading that can wipe your entire trading capital up in a short period of time. So, here’s how I managed to buck the trend and trade successfully on a consistent basis:

I am an intraday trader trading primarily in the Futures market. I focus on just 3 stocks: Reliance, TCS, and SRTR. During the GEO as well as Mentorship Program, Avadhut Sir always stated that ‘Focus is the first step to success in the stock market’ and hence I focus on just a few stocks & setups as an intraday player.

The problem with most intraday traders is that they want a big profit immediately and I follow exactly the reverse thing. I consistently focus on small profits. This is the biggest difference in my intraday trading journey and to date, I am consistent in my profits week after week.

Advice for Intraday Traders

Sticking to the process is the most basic and important part of trading and investing. The process involves setup and instrument selection and ensuring that you don’t trade without stop-loss identification or risk management calculation.

As an intraday trader, one should sit a maximum of 1.5-2 hours in front of the screen. There are specific timings during the day wherein there are increased chances of detecting an intraday trade opportunity. These timings are well-explained during ASTA programs.

Also, it’s important to do sufficient trading preparation and book profits at the right time. Once you have executed a successful trade, it’s important to close your laptop or any other trading platform so as to avoid attempting another trade out of greed.

As an experienced intraday trader, I have realized that you are more likely to incur losses if you continuously keep taking trades. It’s well-advised to wind up after 1-2 trades a day and not succumb to greed.

Constantly Revising & Updating Knowledge and Skills

As a monitor of the Mentorship Program, I have been allocated/assigned a team, and we work together to ensure that Mentorship Program participants earn their OGM card by way of consistent trading success.

The Mentorship Program and now role as a monitor has enabled me to revise and update my knowledge and skills and become more confident in my trading journey.