From an Associate Vice President at Wockhardt handling a business worth 780 crores per annum to a full-time stock market trader consistently earning 5-10% ROI, here’s the real-life story of Mr. Viswajit Sahu!

Interest in Stock Market and Joining ASTA

With all my major savings in mutual funds and my prolonged experience in stock investing, I have always had a keen interest in the stock market.

One fine day, a close friend, Mr. Hemant Kadrekar, introduced me to ASTA. Based on his recommendation, I decided to join the GEO Program.

GEO Program Experience

Having joined the GEO Program and experienced the SMM module, I could witness the power of the study Avadhut Sir was imparting to his students. I immediately decided to join ASTA’s Mentorship Program and enrolled in it soon before completing GEO.

The GEO Program is the foundation for any trader. The 4 modules designed by Avadhut Sir are extremely powerful for building a view, and trading and investing in the stock market.

I believe the SMM and PAPA concepts are the best and should be instilled in the minds of all traders.

Additionally, never forget that your best friend as a trader is a trade’s stop-loss. If one religiously follows the stop-loss practice taught at ASTA, then the day they achieve their stock market breakthrough will not be far.

viswajit Sahu

Difference between GEO and Mentorship Program

Having enrolled in the Mentorship Program right after the SMM module, I attended it with my buddy Mr. Hemant Kadrekar.

The main difference between the GEO and Mentorship Programs that I experienced was that the GEO Program built my foundation, while the Mentorship Program provided me with a platform to mold myself into a professional and disciplined trader by finetuning my trading psychology in the best way possible!

Based on the insights and guidance provided by Avadhut Sir in both programs, I realized that I am well-suited to trade and invest in equity and options in the domestic market.

Recovering Entire Cost of 20-Day Road Trip from Stock Market

The highlight of my stock market trading journey so far transpired in the form of an incident that occurred in February 2021. My wife and I had planned a 20-day long Rajasthan Road Trip: we drove almost 3900 km, starting from Thane to Rajasthan and back.

During that road trip, whatever trading setups ASTA had taught, I followed, and I accordingly took my positions in trades.

The only major challenge I faced during that trip was that I could observe the market only once a day at around 3:15 pm — the rest of the day, I was busy roaming around in the villages and streets of Rajasthan. It was only at 3:15 pm that I would check the status of my trades.

Amazingly, within only one week, I recovered the entire cost of the 20-day trip through stock market profits. God market was working for me even when I was enjoying my vacation.

viswajit Sahu

Enjoy complete Financial Freedom with ASTA

ASTA is a trading institute through which you can experience total financial freedom, and the incident mentioned above is one of the best examples of this from my personal life.

Apart from enjoying the holidays with my wife, I was earning substantial money from the stock market, which is quite incredible. No job can offer you this type of opportunity!

Belief in ASTA Concepts: Key to my Success

One thing that ASTA has instilled in my mind is to focus on learning, not earning. This teaches its students to focus on the study and follow the process.

Being patient and believing in the concepts and setups taught in the GEO and Mentorship Programs has played a crucial role in my success. Additionally, following the stop-loss concept in all my trades religiously has been a significant factor in ensuring greater profits.

Suggestion to Aspiring Stock Market Traders

People who are confused about whether or not they should join ASTA should experience at least the first SMM module, and I am certain they will not leave until they complete GEO Program.

I know a lot of people who have upgraded themselves from the GEO Program by joining the Mentorship Program. So, it’s well-advised for aspiring traders to try out ASTA by attending the SMM module.

Opinion on the GEO Program’s Fees

In my opinion, the same way you cannot buy a BMW for the price of a bicycle, you cannot expect lower fees for such transformative education and support. Everything about ASTA — from the concepts and setups to the culture of AFOOFA (All For One, One For All) — is exceptional.

viswajit Sahu

My ASTA Journey

I believe my journey with ASTA has only just begun. I am still learning, and I intend to inculcate in myself the good aspects of all ASTAians.

I am immensely grateful that I came across such a great soul like Avadhut Sir. His energy levels, vision, and passion for trading and teaching is awe-inspiring

I have a lot of respect and gratitude towards the ASTA Team. All the people associated with this mission give it their all and contribute to it selflessly.

Contributing to ASTA Mission

When it comes to ASTA’s mission of creating 1 lakh crorepatis from the stock market, I am simply a drop in the ocean. I am just a soldier contributing to a larger cause.

ASTA and Avadhut Sir have provided me with countless opportunities that have helped me massively in my personal development as both, a trader and a human being.

Currently, I serve a variety of responsibilities in ASTA, including being an ASTA Satsang center head, ASTA Mission Warrior leader, monitor for the daily GEO batch, member of ASTA R&D Team, member of WOW Team, etc.

My involvement in all these programs has helped me expedite my journey to becoming a successful stock market trader.