GEO Program – Level 1

Secrets of Market Millionaires (SMM)

Seminar Highlights

The 3-Ms of Market Wizards

  • M – Method to identify the right opportunity in every market situation
  • M – Money management discipline to survive and make profits
  • M – Mind management to conquer your emotions – anxiety, greed & fear

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to join the league of 10% market millionaires

The seminar focuses on Becoming a Pro by learning

  • Secrets to make your money work for you more efficiently
  • Simple tricks to understand market trends and differentiate between good or bad stocks
  • Thorough understanding of the forces of demand and supply through Technical Analysis
  • The “Art” of Technical Analysis – to rise with the Bulls and roll with the Bears
  • How often the news follows the price action, i.e. knowing something is cooking in the company (good or bad) before the news is out.
  • To align with the dominant forces for profitable investments/trades – in both bull and bear markets.
  • To make the right entry and exit decisions while minimizing risks
  • To find the targets and proper stop losses.
  • Key Money Management Rules for both Investors as well as Traders
  • Mind Management Rules – journey from a cluttered mind to clear mind with Belief and Patience!
  • Practicals with a Proven System / Methodology – a Step-by-Step Guide to make Buy/Sell decisions.

The methodology is prepared after years of experience of trading and investing. This is the biggest takeaway!

Upcoming Seminar

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Investment: Rs. 18,000 + 18% GST = Rs. 21,240/-

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