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  • GOD BLESS YOU Ma'Mas Owen Evelyn

    All Thanks to this great expert. who Come to help me double the small amount of money I earn in the workplace. They suggested that I start investing with her, and it turned out that this is a legitimate company. I started with $600, made $7,500, and withdrew on the seventh day. achieve


    WhatsApp: +1(606) 386-2010

    Dhanvir Pundir Dhanvir Pundir Avatar
    Dhanvir Pundir Dhanvir Pundir
  • ASTA is the best institute when it comes to trading, The whole asta team is very kind and generous in teaching and managing the doubts of each and every student, Without any doubt if anyone wants to be successful in trading then asta is the solution to it with the hard work, Asta delivers every promise they make with 100% passion.

    And overall i can say Asta hai toh mumkin haii.....

    Bharat Choudhary Avatar
    Bharat Choudhary
  • I can invest my last dollar with only one person and that's Mrs Nugent Diana who prove to be the most honest and trustworthy Expert trader. she's the best account manager I have ever known or heard of.She has been helping me. I started with just $900 and now am getting great profits like $6,500 upward. You get to withdraw yourself after 6-7days of trading, no extra commissions.If you are really interested, You can contact her via:Email: nugentdiana2@gmail.comWhatsApp +19179365063

    Sanjoy Das Avatar
    Sanjoy Das
  • Being thankful not only shows good manners, but a simple expression of thankfulness can go a long way in relationships and communication with others. It not only enhances our own lives, but makes other people feel appreciated,

    I just withdraw my profit of $6,548 from my acc thanks a lot Mrs Helen Karen I now have full trust on you now,, I started with $650 you can also give a try, Mrs.Helen is real..

    You can reach her now on

    WhatsApp; +1(514)6711429


    Mhiz Funmilayo Fatogun Avatar
    Mhiz Funmilayo Fatogun
  • No.1 Itching Acadme Join

    Pravin Lugade Avatar
    Pravin Lugade
  • Hello friends i recommend about Avadhut sathe Trading Academy

    Star store Avatar
    Star store
  • yes. it's a best online trading institute

    Kethu Mudhiraj Avatar
    Kethu Mudhiraj
  • I had been trying to enter share/stock market ever since the year 2005, but there were many myths saying it was a gamble, brokers take us for a ride and we would lose the entire capital. The almighty dropped an angel in form of ASTA's Eye Opener session on my Facebook. Today the amount of confidence I have to enter this profession is enormous. Thanks to Avadhuth Sir, Mukeshji, Vijayji, Sumanth, Chandrakanth and our Monitor Mallik Raviprasad

    Sathya Narayanan Avatar
    Sathya Narayanan
  • Came across to this Academy through one of my cousin and I’m very much grateful to him and to this Academy.

    Overall course designed by Avadhut sir and team is mind blowing. Never knew that stock market has so many concepts and hidden ideas. No doubt retailers loose so much money.

    I was in Navi Mumbai GEO batch from June-Sept 2022. Respected Sandip Sir was my mentor and co-mentor Titeeksha. Senior Monitor Madhuri and Monitor Rajesh, it has been a great learning experience under these amazing ppl. Sandip sir’s energy level and patience are just outstanding. Titeeksha’s way of taking revisions really helps you clear all your doubts and Madhuri ma’am, when she takes satsungs it really brushes up all the concepts and makes tough concepts easier.

    Heads off to whole Asta team and the great Avadhut sir. They have such a great purpose to make Indians financially free.

    Have never come across to such an academy where you can recover the fees within few weeks 🙂

    Thank you so much. More power to you all

    Piyush Bavalia Avatar
    Piyush Bavalia
  • how to join ?

    Trading with options

    Tushar Parekh Avatar
    Tushar Parekh
  • after join i feel FEE is just peanut Infront of knowledge live market skill they give me confidence and life time road map , The learning is awesome and greatest part of ASTA is the AFOOFA culture that is All for one one for all. They will never leave you alone. Always will hand hold to take you there where you deserve to be. I am blessed to be an Astian

    Rajesh Kurmi Avatar
    Rajesh Kurmi
  • It is the best institution for stock market study. Just join it you never regret. I didn't know even A-B -C -D of the stocks. Now I am doing well in this field. All the teachers of ASTA are the best and put their 100% to train all the students to become pro. I am a student of ASTA batch 3G 10.

    Gauri Roshan Avatar
    Gauri Roshan
  • This academy, gives you indepth knowledge of stock Market and how to invest and trade. It is a one stop for all Market knowledge and technical analysis you need to know. Truly a life changing catalyst for those who want to trade in the stock market. In ASTA there is handholding and proper guidance which you will not get anywhere else in India.

    Mariam Choudhari Avatar
    Mariam Choudhari
  • Initially, I was reluctant to join the entire program of 4 levels due to many doubts and lack of knowledge about trading. But after completion of 1st level, the driving force of curiosity compelled me to do the entire course.

    Well-structured value base course, passionate and hardworking team under the guidance of Avadhut Sir makes ASTA the WONDERFUL learning platform.

    Of course, success demands discipline, dedication, and patience. ASTA’s guidance will help us to reach our desired goal one day.

    I would like to convey sincere gratitude to versatile mentor Sandip sir, Titeeksha ma’am, Madhuri ma’am, Rajesh sir and every member of ASTA.

    ASTA ROCKS!!!!!

    Shivani Nachankar Avatar
    Shivani Nachankar
  • ASTA is very very good Share Market Trading academy. when i was joined Asta i am fresher I don't know ABCD of market but after completion of GEO program I know the very much insight techniques,setups, knowledge, methods, Mind and Money Management all are thought in Asta in very well..!!!

    Thank you Audhut sir ,Mukesh sir ,Vijay sir all seniors and trainer to give me the opportunity to being part of Asta till 2031 and much more . you are really good .GEO program I have enjoyed a lot with you !!!

    Nitesh Gole Avatar
    Nitesh Gole
  • 3G10-BLR-05-BI : It’s all in one package, trading like a professional, mind management, money management, how to control emotions, how to have longer vision, viewing into depth of our heart, mind based on chart with proper technical analysis. Words are too small in terms feeling and experience.

    Balakrishna Gowda Avatar
    Balakrishna Gowda
  • Mind blowing academy & its very nice style of teaching

    Ravikumar Dasaraju Avatar
    Ravikumar Dasaraju
  • this is Tarun 3g10 blr batch. asta is wonderfull .

    Tarun Sai Avatar
    Tarun Sai
  • It was a wonderful experience with ASTA. It is having a great support system. Would like to thank Sandeep Sir, Titeeksha, Yogesh Sir for making this journey wonderful. Would like to be a part of ASTA in future.

    Vinaya Gurav Avatar
    Vinaya Gurav
  • it's a complete course of share Market. The Trainers have an Excellent knowledge and are Excellent in teachings. They have great patience in clearing doubts. Avadhi Sir is on a mission to educate 100000 people and have a live class in Wankhede Stadium.

    I wish him all the success.

    Mk Chopra Avatar
    Mk Chopra
  • Anyone who wants to learn Trading must have this course.

    Bijit Kr Deka Avatar
    Bijit Kr Deka
  • just awasome...its not an ordinary academy..its an great objective based learning system which never promotes any business oriented interest...rather promote to be an self reliant professionals with sound technical stock market knowledge to achieve self financial freedom as well as extreme financial freedom of our beloved country.

    Satyaranjan Bhunia Avatar
    Satyaranjan Bhunia
  • Mind boggling…..everyone should do ASTA. You don’t know what are you missing. Maja aajayega pakka.

    Ranjan Nayek Avatar
    Ranjan Nayek
  • The ultimate place to learn basics and advance concepts of trading in easiest way.

    Satwinder Singh Avatar
    Satwinder Singh
  • Total training program is very scientifically designed. Specially monitors are very much studied and helpful.

    Very much excellent experience.