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  • Learning with ASTA becomes so happy & easy. Avadhut Sir & entire ASTA team clarifies every concepts & mis-conceptions of stock market & teaches so flawlessly that we pick it up at ease! Thanks at ton!

    CA Swaraj Joshi Avatar
    CA Swaraj Joshi
  • Avadhut Sathe is absolutely the best trainer I have come across. Very methodical & practical. He has obviously enjoyed tremendous success in the market and he enjoys sharing it with the trainees. Will recommend ASTA to anyone - new to the markets or a veteran.

    Manish Bhobe Avatar
    Manish Bhobe
  • superb learning,it is for everyone...beginner or trader...everyone will learn here

    Nikhil Ingulkar Avatar
    Nikhil Ingulkar
  • Better late than never. GEO Seminar of ASTA is a must for every person who wants to succeed in financial markets. Knowledge shared by Avadhut Sir cannot be valued as it is invaluable. By joining ASTA I realised the importance of Dronacharya in the making of Arjuna. He is the Dronacharya of Financial Markets.

    Himanshu Redkar Avatar
    Himanshu Redkar
  • sea of knowledge and enthusiam is unbeatable from the whole ASTA team.

    i can bet u will fall short of energy and efforts, they wont 🙂

    Omkar Patankar Avatar
    Omkar Patankar
  • very excellent teaching, strongly recommend

    Bala Ji Avatar
    Bala Ji
  • Best learning of Share Market

    Vishal Wankhede Avatar
    Vishal Wankhede
  • Best Trading Academy, worth to Attend.

    Darshan Jadhao Avatar
    Darshan Jadhao
  • If you want to learn trading and become an expert then ASTA is right choice rather say it's a Pathshala. You will get bundle of knowledge from ASTA. Avadhut Sir and his entire team are amazing and always there to resolve your query. Thanks to be a part of ASTA family and best wishes to all Astaians!!!

    Sujit Chawathe Avatar
    Sujit Chawathe
  • One of the Best Training Institute

    Rakesh Tambe Avatar
    Rakesh Tambe
  • The training of trade has been made simplistic, practical by the expert mentors of ASTA, Probably they are the best at what they are doing.

    Shiva Krishna Gogarla Avatar
    Shiva Krishna Gogarla
  • it was fabulous seminar. lot of knowledge given by Avafhut Sir. I am so happy that I took right decision to invest on myself through Avdhoot sir. Each and every concept is explained so well that I could see what was my mistakes trading blindly in market earlier. Now I am very clear about my Money management and definitely would follow the simple principal taught by Sir.

    it's worth to invest on your self. Avadhut sir is just a medium for us to earn money.

    Mahesh Modi Avatar
    Mahesh Modi
  • at any stage of your life,and trading knowledge you can enroll here.the beat support structure by far...door mentorship program..must do for all..

    Makarand Salunke Avatar
    Makarand Salunke
  • The teachings are priceless. Knowledge is the power, it is the key to success. Technical Analysis is a powerful tool taught by ASTA which is an absolute necessity in this journey.

    Sumeet Shevade Avatar
    Sumeet Shevade
  • The masters are here to master your trading skills, one should not miss the opportunity to invest in own when ASTA is there for you!!!

    Nikhil Pathak Avatar
    Nikhil Pathak
  • it's a right place to learn about stock market.i have never seen this type of support system.

    I am completed my total GEO PROGRAME and after this also iam getting support from ASTA.


    Js Shanker Avatar
    Js Shanker
  • Good platform to learn high level trading techniques

    GS Manju Avatar
    GS Manju
  • Today I have attended your Eye Opener Seminar and I really learnt a lot from it.

    As far as your training programs are concerned i feel the same are very expensive and ordinarily person cannot.afford the same .

    I feel that instead of arrangeing the training program in Five Star Hotel like Leela u can arrange it in any cheaper place by which u can curtail the costs and can make it affordable for more people .

    Avadhut Sir's target of 1 lakh people with 1 Cr can achieved through this.

    Currently the programs are unaffordable for ordinary person.

    In Eye Opener seminar pls avoide too much of experience sharing from your old student and try to focus on basic concept explanation as those who do not afford your Trainings will at least go home with proper basic concepts of share reading.

    Again request try to work out cost effective training programs, Arrange program in budget places . Pls workout practical solutions for curtailing the cost. {Pls note you may justify the cost by giving various explanations , but pls think from the perspective of a person who is having low income }

    Chandrahas Anekar Avatar
    Chandrahas Anekar
  • I just finished my geo programme with Avdhut Sathe Training Academy and want to share my experience with everyone . I was a complete fresher in the stock market but always wanted to learn more about this field as I found it very interesting .Then one of my friends suggested avdhut sathe trading academyand she was full of praises .I couldn’t attend the eye opener as I was traveling but still thought let me just do the level 1-SMM purely on my friend’s recommendation

    From the first day itself what an awesome experience it has been ! Avdhut sir and his team is extemely sincere and inspiring . Mr. Sathe is such a dynamic and learned man .He is a master in his field of stocks and their is so much to learn from him - his positivity,humbleness,sincerety and honesty. Best teacher and best place to be in to learn stock markets

    In 2 months I have finished all the 4 levels and have started trading and making good money ....all thanks to avdhut sir and his team who instill this confidence in us that even freshers like me can do it .

    Zeenie Singh Avatar
    Zeenie Singh
  • If you really want to learn TA, then ASTA is the Perfect Place... Where Learning means Growing together in the culture of AFOOFA( All For One, One For All) & Trading is like Worshipping the STOCK MARKET GOD....Where Avadhut SIR Teaches Selflessly & Tiredlessly...Who has deep understanding of Not only Stock Market but also the World market & Scenerio...Truely Avadhut SIR is the True Disciple of MARKET GOD, who believes in just Giving & Sharing his Priceless Knowledge & Experience at all times...I Didnt know TA even after doing basic courses at 1-2 places...But really Learned Proper TA after joining ASTA....I Feel really blessed to have him as my MENTOR...

    Dheeraj Agarwal Avatar
    Dheeraj Agarwal
  • Great learning about stock trading and Excellent people to learn from...

    Jigar Balani Avatar
    Jigar Balani
  • This is one of the best place to learn the concepts of Market and Technical analysis be it investor or a trader. Avdhut Sir has loads of experience and his passion for Trading & Teaching is unmatchable. The associate faculty and monitors create a fantastic support system which makes learning easy and a continuous process . ASTA has set very high standards for any training institute in any field to match. Thanks you for an amazing experience.

    Himanshu Chaudhari Avatar
    Himanshu Chaudhari
  • Very well structured courses which will allow every one to go step by step in understanding stick market. It is a gurukul system which ensures each students are benefitted from this course. Main key thing is the objective of academy to train every one to become a pro with studies n process ....Kudos to ASTA ...

    Balasubramanya Madhava Rao Avatar
    Balasubramanya Madhava Rao
  • The most promising Training Institute in India.

    Which will help you to become an independent Trader/Investor.

    Sandip Jarode Avatar
    Sandip Jarode
  • I was a fresher to the market and am learning with ASTA for over 2 months . I have attended the 3 seminars so far. I feel that I have learnt a lot and the fear of investing and trading In the market that I had is no longer there .

    The team work of the mentors and the Seniors to help me with my questions and doubts has been phenomenal. The best part is the continuous support i have recieved is what has helped me get past my fears and help me understand and respect the market . in the process have also started earning returns too

    I highly recommend ASTA as they are not just an Academy they are Givers in the real sense

    Kedar Nadgonde Avatar
    Kedar Nadgonde
  • One of the best trading academy, i have come across. Lot of emphasis is given on learning and understanding the concepts. Being a fresher, it was difficult for me to understand all the concepts in one go, but the regular revision webinars and homework makes it clearer. It is always ensured that all our doubts and questions are answered.

    Sangeeta V Bhadgaonkar Avatar
    Sangeeta V Bhadgaonkar
  • the best learning experience

    Nandesh Guda Avatar
    Nandesh Guda
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