GEO Program – Level 1

Secrets of Market Millionaires (SMM)

Seminar Highlights

The 3-Ms of Market Wizards

  • M – Method to identify the right opportunity in every market situation
  • M – Money management discipline to survive and make profits
  • M – Mind management to conquer your emotions – anxiety, greed & fear

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to join the league of 10% market millionaires

The seminar focuses on Becoming a Pro by learning

  • Secrets to make your money work for you more efficiently
  • Simple tricks to understand market trends and differentiate between good or bad stocks
  • Thorough understanding of the forces of demand and supply through Technical Analysis
  • The “Art” of Technical Analysis – to rise with the Bulls and roll with the Bears
  • How often the news follows the price action, i.e. knowing something is cooking in the company (good or bad) before the news is out.
  • To align with the dominant forces for profitable investments/trades – in both bull and bear markets.
  • To make the right entry and exit decisions while minimizing risks
  • To find the targets and proper stop losses.
  • Key Money Management Rules for both Investors as well as Traders
  • Mind Management Rules – journey from a cluttered mind to clear mind with Belief and Patience!
  • Practicals with a Proven System / Methodology – a Step-by-Step Guide to make Buy/Sell decisions.

The methodology is prepared after years of experience of trading and investing. This is the biggest takeaway!

Why choose ASTA?

Dhan Ki Baat

More than Money, Larger than Life – Novices Turned into PROs.

  • Avadhut is a skilled trader & a passionate trainer having more than 25 years of experience in Equity, Derivative and Commodity Markets. Know more about Avadhut >>
  • All courses emphasize on practicals, making you independent when it comes to buying and selling decisions.
  • Dedicated Ongoing (Email & WhatsApp) support after course completion
  • Webinars before and after the seminar
  • Listen to fellow participants reviews >>
  • The success stories are increasing year on year

ASTA Support Community

quotesThe support system is absolutely terrific. The mentees do a great job.Whenever I used to put a query on GEO group, I used to get a reply within minutes. Apart from this, the mentees are always very happy and relaxed. Hats off to the support system of ASTA !

– Suraj Patil

Attended the seminar? What next?
Not understanding a concept/term? Have queries?
Not sure how to proceed with the homework?
Don’t worry! We are there. ASTA has a large support community comprising of program participants/mentees to make sure you are not left behind. Our objective is everyone leverages the unlimited potential of Brain, Power of Choice & Discipline to make it BIG in the market.

We regularly arrange for group studies, conference calls, WhatsApp discussions to address the queries of our students. Furthermore, we recommend that you complete the entire GEO program to become a PRO in the market.

Thank you for the overwhelming response!

ADMISSIONS FOR “Secrets of Market Millionaires (SMM) SEMINAR ON 13th – 14th April 2019” ARE FULL!


If you do not like the seminar on the 1st day, get your 100% money back!


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